Student Notes Order Form & Information


Original material must be submitted to Fuji-Xerox:

Cotton Building or Old Government Buildings (GBG15) between 1.00-4.30pm Mon-Fri

The Fuji-Xerox contacts are:

027 275 4695 or 0800 399 54482


If required Fuji-Xerox can come and collect the notes from you.

When submitting your original material please complete the order form stating all specifications. Remember it is the printer who has to interpret your wishes.

The deadline is six weeks prior to the date the notes are required to be available in the bookshop.


Order Forms

The following link will take you to the Student Notes Order Form.


Preparation of material

 Points to note when preparing your material for submission to Fuji-Xerox:

  • Text Pages
  • Copyright Checking
  • Cover
  • Binding
  • Quantity
  • Delivery
  • Class Handouts


Text pages

  • Notes must be presented single sided
  • Page number on reverse of each sheet in pencil. Please ensure these are sequential.
  • A contents page with chapter headings.
  • A bibliography, if applicable.
  • A4, Flat sheets, no staples, tape, flags or other such items that will prevent the pages being mechanically fed through the scanner.

If pages require manual feeding for scanning the publishing time increases substantially. Manual feeding significantly reduces time for quality control and can potentially delay delivery. The printers advise that a job that would take 10 minutes to scan in an automatic document feeder, will take approximately 2 hours if manual feeding is required.

Also important

Illegible and missing text cannot be improved or recovered through the scanning process, however material is acceptable with black lines or corners as these marks can be removed. Background washes on original material cannot be removed.

Colour: The colour of the text of the original material has an impact on the output quality as all colours other than black are converted to grey by the printing process. The best quality can be obtained by providing original material as black printing on white paper.

Pictures and cartoons: a small amount of degradation of previously copied material is to be expected, and this worsens with the number of generations of copying an item has gone through before submission to the printers. This is particularly so with pictures, diagrams and cartoons.



Covers are to be prepared by the school coordinator of the material and supplied to Fuji-Xerox using the standard template for either a landscape or portrait layout (see Landscape or Portrait downloads). Please do not change the template font or the layout. This method of providing cover details is to ensure the finished cover is as the coordinator intended.

Colour - please use table below to select the cover colour required. Copies of the swatches are available for viewing at Fuji Xerox copy centres



Citrus Yellow

Sunshine Yellow

Old Gold

Spring Green


Sky Blue

Maritime Blue

California Blue


Flame Orange

Shocking Pink





The order from must clearly advise preference. Fuji-Xerox may advise that perfect binding is not suitable for the book, usually due to the number of pages.

Please note that perfect binding requires an additional 10 days as the cover will be offset printed, milled and glued to the binding edge. The book is then guillotined to size.

After a recent survey of students' preferences, spiral binding was the preferred option.

Options available are as follows:


Number to be printed, including copies for lecturers must be advised on the order form. The following points need to taken into consideration when deciding on numbers:

  • Number of places available in course
  • Expected enrolment numbers, although enrolment will not be closed for some time after the date materials must be submitted. We recognize that this may be difficult but School staff are in the best position to provide this information.
  • Previous history of sales of notes for the subject. A balance between sufficient books being available for sale and avoiding overstocking leading to large write-off losses is desirable. Vic Books will look at any available sales and enrolment history and use this alongside the current enrolment when calculating order quantities.
  • Availability of readings online - it is essential that Vic Books is aware if readings are available on Blackboard as this will have an impact on the number of copies sold. 



Delivery time is up to six weeks after receipt of original material by Fuji-Xerox and allows for all processes from copyright checking to retail pricing and shelving. For this reason the deadline for submissions to Fuji-Xerox has been set at six weeks before the start of classes.

Student Notes are delivered to Vic Books, Kelburn campus or Pipitea campus dependent on where the course is being taught.