Monsters In The Garden

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Ed. Elizabeth Knox & David Larsen 

Too stuffy inside? All those familiar social realist furnishings, all those comfortable literary tropes. Perhaps a stroll out under the trees, where things are breezier, stranger, more liable to break the rules. You may meet monsters out there, true. But that's the point. 

Casting its net widely, this anthology of Aotearoa-New Zealand science fiction and fantasy ranges from the satirical novels of the 19th-century utopians – one of which includes the first description of atmospheric aerobreaking in world literature – to the bleeding edge of now. Spaceships and worried sheep. Dragons and AI. The shopping mall that swallowed the Earth. The deviant, the fishy and the rum, all bioengineered for your reading pleasure.

Featuring stories by some of the country’s best known writers as well as work from exciting new talent, Monsters in the Garden invites you for a walk on the wild side. We promise you'll get back safely. Unchanged? Well, that's another question. 


lizabeth Knox, Introduction 1

David Larsen, Introduction 2: Counting Worlds

Godfrey Sweven, Riallaro (two chapters)

Anon, Aerobraking sequence from The Great Romance

Janet Frame, Two Sheep

Margaret Mahy, Misrule in Diamond

Maurice Gee, The Halfmen of O (chapters 1 and 2 )      

Patricia Grace, The Parson Who Thought She or He Was A Bishop

Owen Marshall, Immortality

Phillip Mann, The Gospel According To Mickey Mouse

Witi Ihimaera, The Last White Rhinoceros

Keri Hulme, Kaibatsu-San

Juliet Marillier, By Bonelight

Elizabeth Knox, Unobtainium

Dylan Horrocks, The Paresach’s Tulips

Bernard Beckett, The Armillary

Craig Gamble, The Rule of Twelfths

Danyl Mclauchlan, The Everywhere Store

Pip Adam, A Problem

Kirsten McDougall, A Visitation

Tina Makereti, The Children

Lawrence Patchett, The Tenth Meet

Octavia Cade, The Stone Wētā

Rachael Craw, The Dreamer and the Nightingale

Karen Healey, Where We Walk, We Walk On Bones

Jack Barrowman, The Sharkskin

Emma Martin, In the Forest with Ludmila

Samantha Lane Murphy,  Analogue

Jack Larsen, Hearth-Ash Child

Tamsyn Muir, Union

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