Tune into Books for Breakfast on RadioActive.fm at 8.15am every Thursday morning as Pipitea Bookshop Manager, Lisa Adler, talks to Maggie about the best titles of the week! Listen back to each book review here>

Thursday 8 July, a stunning feminist reimagining of the life of Joan of Arc - perfect for fans of CecilyAriadne and Matrix. Katherine J. Chen's Joan reviewed by Lisa Adler and Maggie Tweedie.

Thursday 30 June, Lisa reviews Ordinary Monsters by JM Miro which she says is a cracker! 

Thursday 23 June, Lisa Adler and Maggie Tweedie discuss The Escape Artist by Jonathan Freedland.

Thursday 16 June, Lisa Adler and Maggie Tweedie talk about Laurence Fearnley's vivid novel about familial love, friendship and how our lives touch, connect and impact upon one another, Winter Time.

Thursday 9 June, Lisa Adler and Maggie Tweedie talk about Louise Kennedy's tender and shocking debut novel Trespasses - an unforgettable story of people trying to live ordinary lives in extraordinary times.